Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling Law in Effect January 1, 2012, Is Your Business In Compliance?

A new state law in New York requires all commercial businesses to properly dispose of their old electronics at a recycling facility. If you’re a commercial business owner, your company must comply with this electronics recycling law or you could face ample fines.

It’s simple; don’t throw your electronic hardware in your regular garbage. Make sure you properly dispose of your electronic hardware by calling our company at (718)326-7149.

Electronic hardware applies to everything from hard drives to keyboards, monitors to cell phones, and everything in between. We will pick up your electronic hardware and dispose of it following state green law guidelines. We will also shred your hard drives, diskettes, CD’s, or DVD’s in a secure way. Upon completion of each shredding service we can provide a certificate of destruction, should you need proof that you’ve followed the new law.  We will offer cost-effective pricing for collection and recycling of electronic hardware.