Construction & Demolition

Construction and Demolition Recycling

Delivering Service Excellence to Many Different Professionals

Contractors, builders, demolition experts, excavators, renovators and other pros throughout the New York construction and demolition marketplace rely on Boro-Wide Recycling for responsive and environmentally friendly waste disposal and construction and demolition recycling. We come directly to the jobsite to pick up and cart away wood, construction and demolition, concrete, metals, dirt and many other materials. We then transfer your waste to either our transfer station or recycling facility where experts sort through it all to assure that it is earmarked for proper recycling.

Boro-Wide supports LEED certification and we work with our construction and demolition customers to assist in LEED compliance. Among the specific ways we help customers comply with LEED guidelines is by providing a percentage break-down of their waste content.

Available Container Sizes:

Container Sizes Dimensions
5 YD 11’ x 8’ x 1 3/4’
10 YD 11’ x 8’ x 3 1/2’
15 YD 11’ x 8’ x 6 1/2’
20 YD 22’ x 8’ x 3 1/2’
30 YD 22’ x 8’ x 6 1/2’
40 YD 22’ x 8’ x 7 1/2’