Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling

By Fatima Cristina

It’s winter in New York City and the snow is starting to fall and fill up our driveways and sidewalks. It’s time to grab your shovels! We ask that you shovel any snow leading up to and around your trash and recyclable bags or containers. Our employees then can safely do their jobs without being injured. Here are some tips to minimize injuring yourself while shoveling:

  • Do some stretching and warm up your muscles so you are less likely to strain them.
  • Take breaks every 10-15 minutes to hydrate. Hydrated muscles are less likely to get muscle injury.
  • Use a plastic shovel. It’s lighter and will cause less strain then a metal shovel.
  • Shovel with your knees slightly bent and your hands at least one foot apart on the shovel.
  • Try to push the snow, do not lift it. If you must lift then squat with your legs apart, knees bent and back straight. Lift with your legs and do not bend at the waist.
  • Do not twist your back. Always pivot with your feet when moving snow to the side.
  • Only scoop a small amount of snow into the shovel.
  • Rest frequently.
  • Stop! If you experience any kind of pain and contact a medical professional.

Once you are done shoveling, reward yourself with a cup of hot chocolate to warm up your insides. Please remember if there is a snow storm, it is important to visit our website so see if there are any announcements regarding service interruptions. Have a safe winter and try and keep warm!

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