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NYC Commercial Waste Zones

What are the Commercial Waste Zones?

Each year, businesses in New York City generate 3 million+ tons of waste

The new Commercial Waste Zones law was passed to reform the city’s commercial waste management system. This approach is designed to promote the city’s Zero Waste policy, while reducing environmental impacts such as air pollutants, nighttime noise, roadway wear and tear, and a reduction in truck traffic. The city has split NYC into 20 zones, awarding up to three carting companies exclusive servicing rights to each zone. These carting companies, like Boro-Wide, are expected to provide strong customer service standards, sustainable waste management, and transparent pricing structures to all customers in the zones they service.

Q: Will my business be able to use a trade waste broker when Commercial Waste Zones go into effect?

A: Your business is free to use whoever you would like to negotiate rates and you can use a trade waste broker for that purpose. However, under the new rules put into effect by DSNY, your final contract must be directly with an Awardee authorized by the City to service your zone. Brokers are not allowed to bill your business directly for waste removal services and any fees you pay them for their services will have to be separate and apart from your waste and recycling charges.

Commercial Waste Zone FAQ

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Commercial Waste Zone Resources

The latest smart, sustainable, and effective waste management resources.​

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Joining forces to bring you the best in waste management

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Mr. T Carting and Boro-Wide, uniting two leaders in waste management to improve your service. Our current payment systems will remain separate for ease of use, with a joint portal planned for 2024.

Your trust is our priority, and we’re dedicated to a smooth transition. For any questions, our customer support team is here to assist. Thank you for your continued support in this new chapter!

Queens Central Commercial Waste Zone starts September 3rd. Current customers will receive no service interruptions.