Compactor Services

Custom, Cost-Effective Waste Removal Solutions

What We Offer


Keep your building clean and clutter-free as all waste or recyclables are enclosed.


Handle both waste and recyclables in one convenient location with side-by-side compactors.

Our self-contained compactors significantly reduce the likelihood of liquid spills around your premises.

Compacting waste and recyclables allows you to store more material in one container–and save money on hauling charges.


Optional digital monitoring eliminates the need for on-site staff to check compactor levels, ensuring timely and efficient waste removal.

Tailored Compactor Solutions

Our goal is to provide intelligent waste removal solutions that are not only cost-effective but also enhance the functionality and appearance of your premises.

  • Custom-Designed Installations: We specialize in providing compactors that are custom-designed for efficient operation, ensuring they complement the aesthetics of your building.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Our compactors can be equipped with remote capacity monitors. These innovative devices notify us via email when the compactor needs to be emptied, offering a seamless and efficient waste management process.

Optional Monitoring with The smart trash system

The Smart Trash System offers a smart solution for buildings with multiple tenants:

  • Unique Access: Each tenant receives an electronic fob to unlock the trash or recycling compactor.
  • Accurate Billing: Enables tenants to bill customers based on average use.

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Joining forces to bring you the best in waste management

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Mr. T Carting and Boro-Wide, uniting two leaders in waste management to improve your service. Our current payment systems will remain separate for ease of use, with a joint portal planned for 2024.

Your trust is our priority, and we’re dedicated to a smooth transition. For any questions, our customer support team is here to assist. Thank you for your continued support in this new chapter!

Queens Central Commercial Waste Zone starts September 3rd. Current customers will receive no service interruptions.