What is a BIC decal?
All New York City businesses are required to display a decal in their window to show who their trash carter is and their scheduled service days. Boro-Wide will provide you with a decal at the start of your service. If the decal is removed for any reason, please call us immediately to replace it. NYC Sanitation will give you a ticket and you will have to pay a fine for not displaying a decal. We are not responsible for any tickets received for not having a decal.

When do I put my trash and NYC recycling out?
Please be sure to have your trash out for pick up the night before your service day. Our trucks start service at 8 PM and trash may be picked up anytime afterwards.

Where do I store my container?
All containers should be kept off the street or curb when it is not on schedule to be picked up.  A fine from NYC Sanitation may be issued if it is stored on the curb or street.

What should I do if my trash was not picked up?
We apologize in advance for not picking up your trash on your scheduled pick up day. Please contact our office by 9 AM so that we can figure out a solution. After 9 AM, we ask you to please bring your trash inside to avoid receiving a fine from NYC Sanitation.

What if I have a bulk item or more trash than usual?
Our drivers will not pick up any additional items unless instructed to do so. If you have bulk items, such as furniture, appliances, wood, etc., please call our office to schedule a pickup. If you have additional trash of greater volume than the agreed upon service we provide to you, please call our office to schedule a pickup. There is an additional charge for these items and a quote can be provided over the phone when you call our office.

What if my pickup is on a holiday?
If your service day is on a holiday, please call the office if you need to reschedule. We will gladly substitute another weekday for your pickup. We do not issue credits for service days that fall on holidays. See our holiday schedule.