NYC Sanitation – New Business Recycling Rules

NYC Business Recycling Co-Collection

NYC Department of Sanitation notified all New York City businesses last year that you are required to separate certain types of recyclable materials. To comply with this NYC business recycling regulation, Boro-Wide Recycling will utilize the co-collection source separated method requiring you to have three different waste material containers in your store:

  • One container lined with a clear plastic bag for metal, glass, plastic, and beverage cartons
  • One container lined with a clear plastic bag for newspaper, magazines, junk mail and other office paper
  • One container for garbage lined with a black bag
  • Cardboard boxes should be flattened and tied together

It is important that you do not mix food waste or residual food waste with acceptable recyclables. Be sure that you rinse and empty all recyclable plastic and glass bottles and metal cans. Black bags should be used only for garbage. For your convenience, we have sample signs that can be downloaded and used to label your containers to identify the acceptable recyclable material.