A Fun Trip to Boro-Wide Recycling Corp.

On a sunny Saturday morning in July, Boro-Wide Recycling was all a buzz! Mia Cristina Fitzpatrick along with her best friend, Henry Wondselwere coming for a visit. Mia, who is now 2 years old, is the first born of the fourth generation of our family business. When Mia and Henry are at home, they love to run out and say hello to their local sanitation workers and watch them as they pick up their trash and recyclables. Mia’s mom, Danielle Cristina Fitzpatrick, third generation, thought it would be a wonderful idea if they could come to see what a sanitation worker did up close and personal. That is how the idea of going on a fun trip to Boro-Wide Recycling came to fruition.

Michael Cristina, Safety Supervisor

Danielle called her brother, Michael, who is our safety supervisor, to help plan this visit. Michael then put a plan into action and made sure that everything was ready for when Mia and Henry came for their visit. Safety is a priority at Boro-Wide Recycling, so Michael made sure that the kids, along with their parents, all had personal protective equipment ready for their visit.

Bob Cristina, president, along with grandchildren, Jack and Mia

Mia was first to arrive with her parents, Danielle and Kevin, and new baby brother, Jack Robert. She was very excited to be at “work,” as she calls it, and her first stop was to go see her “Poppy,” Bob Cristina, President of Boro-Wide Recycling.

Henry Wondsel, visiting Boro-Wide Recycling

Henry arrived with his mom and dad, Lauren and Tommy Wondsel. They took a tour around the office and soon after Henry seemed ready to work.

The Cristina and Wondsel families headed for some real fun!

With everyone’s PPE on, it was time for the real fun to begin! Michael led the families to the garage to see first-hand what it was like to be a sanitation worker.

Tommy, Henry, Lauren, Kevin, Mia, Danielle, and Caroline (Michael's wife) holding Jack

Everyone patiently listens as Michael explains to the kids that the sanitation worker comes to their homes and businesses to take away all the garbage and boxes and puts it into the truck to take to the dump.

“Henry it’s time to work!”, says Mia

The kids have been waiting all morning to throw out the trash and the time has finally arrived!

"Mia let's do this!", says Henry

Kevin, Michael, and Tommy supervising the workers

Henry knows just what to do!

Garbage is in her blood so Mia “picks up” quickly!

After all the hard work has finished, it’s time to say bye bye to all the garbage they threw into the truck.

Beep! Beep!

Of course Mia and Henry wanted to hear the horn on the truck, so Michael was happy to take them in the cab to blow the horn and see all the buttons and lights.

We were all so happy that Mia and Henry enjoyed their time visiting Boro-Wide Recycling. They will have lasting memories of the day that they became sanitation workers, but in the end, it was time for their nap and they had to end their shift early.