The Team

Experienced, Dedicated, and Solutions-Oriented

The management team at Boro-Wide Recycling brings many decades of experience to our customers' needs. We have a vested interest in the complete satisfaction of every customer. No matter what the recycling or waste removal challenge, our customers can relax knowing the job will get done right and in the most environmentally responsible way.

Meet Our Dedicated Team Members:

Robert S. Cristina
President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael A. Cristina
Secretary/Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer

Fatima Cristina, team member since 1985
Office Administrator

Victor Zabicki, team member since 1992
Dispatch Manager

Domingo Lopez, team member since 1992
Fleet Maintenance Manager

Betsy Singh, team member since 1995
Commercial Route Manager, Customer Service Specialist, Billing Specialists

Tom Salzano, team member since 1997
Senior Sales Manager/Recycling Specialist

Yari Ortiz, team member since 2006
Accounts Receivable Specialist,  Billing Specialist, Customer Service Specialist

Danielle Cristina, team member since 2014
Billing Specialist, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Technology Specialist

Paula Busch, team member since 2015
Accounts Receivable Specialist, Collection Specialist, Customer Service Specialist

Alex Torres, team member since 2017
Sales Representative, Recycling Specialist

Mayra Cubilete, team member since 2018
Accounts Receivable Specialist, Customer Service Specialist

Shemar Green, team member since 2020
Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable Specialist

Taneisha Lawrence-Hamblet , team member since 2021
Accounts Payable Specialist